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Docker for Windows Container Development

docker devops core
12/1/2020 at DevOpsCon Munich in Munich, Germany (virtual)
Docker is carefully tucked between virtualization, continuous deployment, and pure awesome, available for Linux and Windows software development....

Gaining Confidence with Cypress Tests

Slides testing javascript
12/1/2020 at AngularUP Experience in Tel Aviv, Israel (virtual)
Have you ever wanted to refactor mercilessly but didn’t want to break the fragile tower? Or have you ever pushed to production only to spend the next few days cleaning up the regressions?...

The 6 Figure Developer

devops testing
11/30/2020 at The 6 Figure Developer Podcast
Rob Richardson is our guest for episode 172. We talk about .NET 5, Pipelines, and Testing....

Databases in the Microservices World

Slides data
11/28/2020 at Pulsar Summit Asia in China (virtual)
Web technologies have come leaps and bounds. But are you still using the tired old database from last generation?...

At The Helm of Kubernetes: Repeatable Infrastructure Creation for Mere Mortals

Slides docker kubernetes devops
11/25/2020 at India Azure Community Conference in India (virtual)
As we get deeper into Kubernetes yaml files, we see a lot of duplication. Can we move to a higher level that eliminates this duplication?...

Database DevOps with Containers

Slides devops docker
11/25/2020 at Update Now 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic (virtual)
Unlike CI/CD pipelines for applications, we can’t just delete the database and pop up a new one with each new version....

Making Kubernetes How We Build Things

kubernetes devops docker
11/25/2020 at DevOps Unicorns in Latvia (virtual)
It’s day 2. The corporate k8s cluster is humming. Everything works perfectly in a local environment, but how do you connect the wires?...

Building Stateful Workloads in Kubernetes

Slides kubernetes
11/23/2020 at Update Now 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic (virtual)
It’s day 2. Kubernetes is running. You have your deployments and services set. Now how do you migrate the data store?...

Vue.js and TypeScript: Working Together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Slides javascript spa
11/21/2020 at GDG DevFest Egypt in Cairo, Egypt (virtual)
Have you struggled to get TypeScript and Vue to play well together? Me too. Vue is a fantastic SPA framework, and TypeScript is a great way for catching errors faster....

Level-up Your DevOps with GitHub Actions and Kubernetes

devops kubernetes
11/19/2020 at MVP Days Israel in Tel Aviv, Israel (virtual)
Are you looking to rapidly deploy your content? Are Docker containers in your future? Come for this demo-only presentation where we start from scratch, live-code a Dockerfile, build up a DevOps pipeline in GitHub Actions, and deploy to Kubernetes....