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Database DevOps with Containers

devops docker
10/12/2019 at Desert Code Camp in Chandler, AZ
Unlike CI/CD pipelines for applications, we can’t just delete the database and pop up a new one with each new version....

HTTPS in ASP.NET Core in Docker Linux Containers Deep Dive

docker core
10/12/2019 at Desert Code Camp in Chandler, AZ
ASP.NET Core lights up HTTPS by default. Running from the command line or from Visual Studio installs and trusts self-signed certificates so we don’t get the browser error when debugging....

Debug Kubernetes with Azure Dev Spaces

kubernetes azure core node
10/4/2019 at DogFoodCon in Columbus, OH
Azure Dev Spaces is a whole new way to debug container-based microservices. Let’s fire up DevSpaces and debug just the microservice we need in context with the rest of the swarm of services....

Your Technology Your Way: Full-stack Web and Service with .NET and Node core javascript node
9/25/2019 at Utah Valley .NET User Group in Provo, UT
Do you want to build full-stack with your stack? We’ll build an ASP.NET website using Blazor and WebAPI, a back-end service using Service Worker and gRPC....

Istio, a Service Mesh on Kubernetes. When do I need it?

kubernetes devops
9/24/2019 at WeaveWorks
You may be hearing about service meshes and technologies like Istio. There are benefits that the technologies address, but they also bring in added levels of complexity....