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Kubernetes hands-on (Workshop)

docker devops kubernetes
9/5/2019 at Music City Code in Nashville, TN
Kubernetes is how you run Docker in production. Bring your laptop with Docker for Windows or Docker for Mac edge version installed....

Choosing from the many ways to Docker in Azure

docker devops azure
8/23/2019 at Code PaLOUsa in Louisville, KY
You’re ready to go cloud native with containers. Now where do you begin on Azure? There’s a dizying amount of container options available in Azure....

Database DevOps with Containers

devops docker
8/22/2019 at Code PaLOUsa in Louisville, KY
Unlike CI/CD pipelines for applications, we can’t just delete the database and pop up a new one with each new version....

Docker is more than Kernel Virtualization

8/14/2019 at PPAI Tech Summit in Dallas, TX
Docker is carefully tucked between virtualization, continuous deployment, and pure awesome. We’ll look at the commands and ecosystem around building infrastructure as code, deploying a swarm, and sharing images on Docker Hub....

Kubernetes Test Drive

docker devops kubernetes
8/14/2019 at PPAI Tech Summit in Dallas, TX
Are you a Docker aficionado or are you new to the Docker ecosystem? Come see how Kubernetes (K8s) adds a mature solution for running containers in production and development....