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Moving to Azure

Slides azure cloud
3/22/2022 at Private Event
How to we get to “the cloud”? What is “the cloud”? In this session we’ll look at modernizing a legacy application, removing single-server technologies like AppData and per-node cache....

Pro Microservices in .Net 6 By Sean Whitesell, Rob Richardson, Matthew Groves devops kubernetes
2/24/2022 at Cleveland C#/VB.NET User Group in Cleveland, OH (virtual)
The microservices architecture is a way of distributing process workloads to independent applications. It also enables developers to dismantle large applications into smaller, easier-to-maintain, scalable parts....

Getting Started with DevOps in Azure

Slides azure devops
2/22/2022 at Private Event
In this session we’ll look at spinning up a DevOps pipeline on Azure DevOps to build and deploy web properties....

Pro Microservices in .NET 6 with Whitesell, Rich, and Groves kubernetes docker
2/8/2022 at The 6-figure Developer Podcast
Sean Whitesell is a Microsoft MVP and cloud architect at TokenEx, where he designs cloud-based architectural solutions for hosting internal services for TokenEx....

Pro Microservices in .NET 6 docker kubernetes
1/27/2022 at .NET Rocks
with Sean Whitesell, Rob Richardson, and Matt Groves...

Blazor: The C# SPA Framework

Slides spa
4/27/2021 at Private Event
For the C# Developer, should I learn JavaScript? Is there a way to build interactive websites without it?...

Entity Framework Core on .NET 5

Slides data
4/7/2021 at Private Event
When we look to data in .NET, we land on Entity Framework – the .NET ORM built by Microsoft....

The 6 Figure Developer

devops testing
11/30/2020 at The 6 Figure Developer Podcast
Rob Richardson is our guest for episode 172. We talk about .NET 5, Pipelines, and Testing....

Build a DevOps Pipeline for .NET Apps and Databases (Workshop)

devops sql
7/17/2019 at KCDC in Kansas City, MO
Right-click Publish is easy, but it’s evil. FTP it up is fragile and error prone. You know you need to run tests and deploy in a consistent way....

Disambiguating .NET Technologies

10/12/2018 at MDI Group in Tempe, AZ
As a recruiter, do you have trouble understanding the alphabet soup of technologies and platforms? Have you ever struggled to match ....