Git on-premise hosting

All else being equal, you should use GitHub ( for Git hosting.  GitHub is indeed a cloud-hosted git repository, but it’s so much more than that.  It has integrated issue tracking, comment on any line of any commit (social coding), and pull request (e.g. “will you please review and pull my content”).  It’s truly a revolution in source control, and there’s really nothing like it. If you’re forced into an on-premise solution, the natural draw is to facilitate “Git Smart HTTP” in IIS.  Git has native Apache bindings, but doesn’t have anything native for IIS, so there’s a plethora of home-grown answers.  The field is ripe for someone like Visual SVN to come through and make a good, GUI-driven Git webhost, though even Visual SVN is technically Apache.  You can use Git without http hosting as well (same as with SVN), though http hosted git servers are cool.  :D I use WebGit.NET:  It has no built-in authentication, but none of these really do. has some descent ideas on how to secure it, but all add weight to each repository access operation.  I chose instead to only bind to, so you’d need to be physically on my machine to get to the site, and if you’re that far, you may as well be in my repository.  You could do something similar by exposing it only to the LAN (and by extension VPN users). If I was to do it again, I’d investigate kudu: and  It’s what Microsoft built for Azure git deployment.  But as part of that, it has a git web engine that may be useful separately.  It has one IIS site for administration, and a second for repository access.  That’s a bit weird, but it does mean you can secure them separately. Other popular IIS-hosted Git solutions include: – GitWebAccess:  I used this one for a time. – GitDotNet:  The author recommends against his solution. – GitAspx: – Bonobo:  I recall looking at it early on, but don’t recall why I didn’t like it.  Perhaps it’s due a second look. – GitStack:  If I remember correctly, this is a paid installer of some cobbled open-source tools. – SCM Manager:  It does SVN, Mercurial, and Git as a Java website. includes some more. Rob