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At The Helm of Kubernetes: Repeatable Infrastructure Creation for Mere Mortals

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9/25/2023 at DevOpsCon New York in New York, NY
As we get deeper into Kubernetes yaml files, we see a lot of duplication. Can we move to a higher level that eliminates this duplication?...

The Definitive Deep Dive into the .git Folder

9/15/2023 at UtahJS in South Jordan, UT
What’s in the .git folder? How are commits stored? How do branches work? We’ll dive deep into the objects folder, unpack commits, look at the types of DAG nodes, examine object content, and build a complete visualization of the stored content....

Minimal APIs with ASP.NET

9/14/2023 at SLC.NET Meetup in Salt Lake City, UT (virtaul)
With ASP.NET 6.0, there’s a 4th coding paradigm joining MVC, WebAPI, and Razor Pages: Minimal APIs....

Databases in the Microservices World

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9/7/2023 at Twin Cities .NET User Group in Minneapolis–Saint Paul, MN (virtual)
Web technologies have come leaps and bounds. But are you still using the tired old database from last generation?...

Kubernetes hands-on (Workshop)

docker devops kubernetes
9/5/2023 at Private Event
Kubernetes is how you run Docker in production. Bring your laptop with Docker for Windows or Docker for Mac edge version installed....

Local Development Techniques with Kubernetes

kubernetes devops docker
7/20/2023 at Utah Java Users Group in South Jordan, UT
It’s day 2. The corporate k8s cluster is humming. Everything works perfectly in a local environment, but how do you connect the wires?...

Scaling the Testing Pyramid in TypeScript

Slides spa javascript testing spa
6/29/2023 at S&S Media Webinar
Unit tests? Integration tests? Mocks? Stubs? Fakes? How does this apply to the web? Let’s look at all the ways you can test a web app and demo all the tools you’d use....

The Culture of Python

6/20/2023 at Private event
In this talk we don’t look at the syntax of Python. Though that’s interesting, that’s the easy part....

.NET Testing Best Practices core testing
6/16/2023 at NMUG - New Mexico .NET Users Group in Albuquerque, NM (virtual)
This is a #NoSlides presentation where we’ll live-code all the tests. We’ll start with a code sample, discuss the tests we want to build, use xUnit and MoQ to build the tests, then refactor the code to be more testable....

Level-up Your DevOps with GitHub Actions and Kubernetes

devops kubernetes
6/8/2023 at CodeMentor
Are you looking to rapidly deploy your content? Are Docker containers in your future? Come for this demo-only presentation where we start from scratch, live-code a Dockerfile, build up a DevOps pipeline in GitHub Actions, and deploy to Kubernetes....