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Zoom In, Zoom Out. Fresh look at Kubernetes Security

Slides kubernetes security
12/19/2019 at Wallarm Webinar
Cloud-native applications and infrastructure create several new challenges for all of us security professionals. We need to establish new security programs, have a new mindset and adopt advanced new tools that are focused primarily on securing cloud-native technologies....

Kubernetes Security: Zooming In - Zooming Out

Slides kubernetes security
12/9/2019 at Open FinTech Forum in New York, NY
The landscape around modern security practices is rapidly evolving and complex. As Docker and Kubernetes gain mainstream momentum, practices such as continuous delivery, cloud-native development and DevOps require a fresh look at security....

Level-up Your DevOps with Azure and Kubernetes

devops kubernetes
11/21/2019 at DevIntersection in Las Vegas, NV
Are you looking to rapidly deploy your content? Are Docker containers in your future? Come for this demo-only presentation where we start from scratch, build up a DevOps pipeline in Azure, and deploy to Kubernetes....

HTTPS in ASP.NET Core in Docker Linux Containers Deep Dive

Slides docker core
11/19/2019 at DevIntersection in Las Vegas, NV
ASP.NET Core lights up HTTPS by default. Running from the command line or from Visual Studio installs and trusts self-signed certificates so we don’t get the browser error when debugging....

Securing Docker Containers: Kubernetes just does that, right?

Slides docker devops security
11/19/2019 at DevIntersection in Las Vegas, NV
Securing a container is like securing a virtual or physical machine. You need to understand what’s installed, ensure it’s patched, and reduce the attack surface....

Database DevOps with Containers

Slides devops docker
10/29/2019 at Docker Webinar
Unlike CI/CD pipelines for applications, we can’t just delete the database and pop up a new one with each new version....

Docker for Windows Container Development

docker devops core
10/29/2019 at Weave Online User Group in San Francisco, CA (virtual)
Docker is carefully tucked between virtualization, continuous deployment, and pure awesome, available for Linux and Windows software development....

Planning for the varied levels of once-data-processing with Kafka

Slides data
10/29/2019 at Phoenix Kafka Meetup in Scottsdale, AZ
In pub/sub and event sourcing, we have at-least-once and at-most-once processing. Each have their place, but each have their drawbacks....