The Culture of Python

2/21/2024 at ConFoo in Montreal, Québec, Canada

In this talk we don’t look at the syntax of Python. Though that’s interesting, that’s the easy part. In this talk we look at the culture of Python. What libraries should we look at for hosting a web api? What libraries would we use for data access? For data science? For script automation? Where do I download these packages? We’ll focus a lot on Jupyter, the interactive REPL that allows you to quickly sketch and experiment in Python. We’ll use Jupyter to play with Python functions, to do data transfer, to build runbooks-as-code, and to evaluate and plot data. Finally we’ll take a Jupyter notebook and convert it into a REST API that one can consume from any app. Along the way we’ll also look at running C# and JavaScript inside of Jupyter. Getting started with Python can be fun and rewarding, and open up a whole new set of skills and solutions.