How to Discover Data Exfiltration in Minutes, Not Months

12/14/2021 at Cyral Webinar

Who was poking around in your database? This can be an unnerving question that organizations often avoid because it’s difficult to investigate and the answer usually leads to even more questions. Whether discovered through an audit or a data breach post-mortem, the investigation is usually frightening. What’s even scarier is not having the tools to find anything at all. Join Rob Richardson, Cyral developer advocate, as he dives into why we often disable logs, how we can successfully understand data access patterns and why leveraging app access logs isn’t sufficient to prevent data leaks, detect anomalies and gain context into vulnerabilities. Key Takeaways: See a hands-on demonstration of data leak detection Learn how to gain more context for detecting anomalies Using context to improve audits and troubleshooting More effective use of access management to detect rights abuse and enforce least privilege