Leaky S3 Buckets: How to Simplify Access and Stop the Spill

7/8/2021 at Security Boulevard Webinar

Are you sure where your S3 data is going? S3 is a great place for cold storage, ETL handoff, user uploads, and publicly hosted files. The simple and ubiquitous API has become a favorite for quick or long-term file storage. But where is this data going? Are you sure you don’t have a leak in your bucket? Dive with us into the typical S3 journey as we struggle to contain the spill with a hole in our bucket. Then journey with us through a holistic, policy-based approach to zero-trust S3 security. We’ll then do a hands-on demonstration on how you can simplify access and stop the spill with Cyral’s cloud-native approach that works in tandem with your chosen identity provider (such as Auth0, Okta, GSuite, Active Directory). Key Takeaways: How do we secure AWS S3 buckets with native tools? What are the benefits and drawbacks to this approach? What is the ideal solution? How can we secure data stores with consolidated policies, and federated authentication?