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ngrok Developer Roundtable

3/26/2024 at ngrok Developer Roundtable
Join us for the ngrok Developer Roundtable! The roundtable is a time for folks who use ngrok to connect, see what’s new with ngrok, and ask questions....

What's with Containers?

devops kubernetes docker
2/27/2023 at Technology and Friends

Azure DevOps Podcast: Web Services in .NET 6

devops core
10/3/2022 at Azure DevOps Podcast with Jeffrey Palermo

Pro Microservices in .Net 6 By Sean Whitesell, Rob Richardson, Matthew Groves devops kubernetes
2/24/2022 at Cleveland C#/VB.NET User Group in Cleveland, OH (virtual)
The microservices architecture is a way of distributing process workloads to independent applications. It also enables developers to dismantle large applications into smaller, easier-to-maintain, scalable parts....

Pro Microservices in .NET 6 with Whitesell, Rich, and Groves kubernetes docker
2/8/2022 at The 6-figure Developer Podcast
Sean Whitesell is a Microsoft MVP and cloud architect at TokenEx, where he designs cloud-based architectural solutions for hosting internal services for TokenEx....

Pro Microservices in .NET 6 docker kubernetes
1/27/2022 at .NET Rocks
with Sean Whitesell, Rob Richardson, and Matt Groves...

Node in the 2020s with Rob Richardson

7/1/2021 at .NET Rocks
It’s 2021 - how has NodeJS evolved? Carl and Richard talk to Rob Richardson about NodeJS and much more....

Solo.Coder Podcast: The Client Server Cycles

6/22/2021 at Solo.Coder Podcast
I spoke with Rob Richardson. Rob is a veteran developer with over 18 years of experience in the field....

Get inside the .git folder

4/1/2021 at Talk Python to Me
Talk Python...

Rob Richardson on Database DevOps

devops data
3/8/2021 at Azure DevOps Podcast
This week Jeffrey is joined by another fantastic return guest — Rob Richardson! Rob is a software craftsman that is building web properties in ASP....