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Solo.Coder Podcast: The Client Server Cycles

6/22/2021 at Solo.Coder Podcast
I spoke with Rob Richardson. Rob is a veteran developer with over 18 years of experience in the field....

Get inside the .git folder

4/1/2021 at Talk Python to Me
Talk Python...

Rob Richardson on Database DevOps

devops data
3/8/2021 at Azure DevOps Podcast
This week Jeffrey is joined by another fantastic return guest — Rob Richardson! Rob is a software craftsman that is building web properties in ASP....

Migrating to Containers using Istio and Kubernetes with Rob Richardson

docker kubernetes security
5/30/2019 at .NET Rocks
Ready to move your applications into containers? Carl and Richard chat with Rob Richardson about his work migrating existing applications running in virtual machines over to containers using Kubernetes as the orchestration engine and Istio as the traffic manager....

Rob Richardson on Containers in Azure

docker devops azure
4/29/2019 at Azure DevOps Podcast
Today’s guest is Rob Richardson — a software craftsman building web properties in ASP.NET, Node, Angular, and Vue....

The Docker Stack with Rob Richardson

docker devops
2/27/2018 at .Net Rocks!
What goes into a Docker stack? Carl and Richard talk to Rob Richardson about how containers are evolving in the ....

Docker for All

docker devops
2/12/2018 at Cynical Developer
In this epsiode we talk to Rob Richardson about Docker...

Force Multiplier

2/1/2018 at Developer on Fire
Rob Richardson talks with Dave Rael about passion for software development, scaling impact, community, teaching, and taking action...

NDC Sydney Ask me Anything

javascript node
8/3/2016 at Ask Me Anything in Sydney, Australia

From Journeyman to Master