Solo.Coder Podcast: The Client Server Cycles

6/22/2021 at Solo.Coder Podcast

I spoke with Rob Richardson. Rob is a veteran developer with over 18 years of experience in the field. Currently he works as a Developer Advocate for Cyral. Originally coming from an Industrial Design graduation, he quickly moved on to a Masters in Computer Information Systems. Rob has worked with many technologies and has seen many patterns and cycles. For instance, he shared that one of the biggest adjustments within his career was to see and adapt to the client and server cycles. His fresh perspective on this topic was very insightful and easy to understand. Rob shared with me that he always tries to bring the user’s perspective to the center of the conversation. This is not very simple to do and most developers end up ignoring it and focusing way more in the technical details than what they should. To be a successful tech consultant, one must develop their empathy skills, otherwise they will not go too far. As Rob said, it is not uncommon for people to believe they are the center of the universe and forget about other people’s perspectives. I will leave you with the eloquent Rob Rich, developer advocate, speaker and much more. Enjoy the chat!