Pop GMail on more than one machine

I’ll set this gem here before I lose it again: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=47948

The problem definition: I’ve got more than one machine POPing my GMail.  Since GMail answers the POP’s LIST request with “everything you haven’t asked for previously” (which speeds up POP connections significantly), which ever machine gets in first wins.  The other(s) get nothing.

If I prefix my username with “recent:“, I get everything within a month – downloaded or not.  Very nice.  “[email protected]” becomes “recent:[email protected]” on both machines, and now both machines get everything.

The larger question at hand, why would I POP GMail?  It’s GMail.  The answer to that is philosophical, and larger than the forum at hand.  Let’s just say ‘cuz, and leave it at that.  :D