Double-click the document in Solution Explorer -> Code View by default

Ok, this has been an annoyance for long enough.  I’m in Visual Studio.  I double-click on a web service’s code behind file in the Solution Explorer, and up pops an empty designer window.  I close the irrelevant window (once it finishes loading), right-click on the file, and choose “View Code”, then promptly kick myself for doing it again.

The solution comes from

If you want to go to code mode by default, do the following:

1) Right click on the document name in the Solution Explorer

2) Choose “Open With”

3) Select “Csharp editor”

4) Choose “set as default”

I did this, and I’m golden – no more designer for web services.  Ok, I could still get to it if I right-clicked on the file name in the Solution Explorer, and chose “View Designer”, but when would I ever do that?  I can also put it back with this method just by choosing “Csharp form editor”.

Advantages: does it for all documents on my machine.

Disadvantages: doesn’t do it for anyone else, and I can’t do it per document, only per file extension (I think).

I recall in the crustaceans of my brain a way to do this via an attribute or pre-processor directive in the code file, but I can’t find it.