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Mobile Development Strategy

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When we look at developing for mobile, we generally ask ourselves, “Web or Native?” In truth, this isn’t a binary switch....

Welcome to the MEAN stack

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Welcome to the MEAN stack, a fresh look at web development built totally on open-source technologies....

Asynchrony in JavaScript

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Azure Websites Git Deploy Fail

10/8/2013 at
Here’s an interesting fail. I’m at the Windows Azure Developer Camp practicing some Git Deploy (total win!...

A Dozen JavaScript Libraries

10/2/2013 at
.blockquote-callout { clear: both; background-color: #f0db4f; border: 0; } It was my pleasure to present A Dozen JavaScript Libraries at vNext Phoenix this evening....

A Dozen JavaScript Libraries

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10/1/2013 at

Angular Teaser

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Git Training

9/13/2013 at
Wow, that was fun. I had the pleasure of training 174 people (42 in-person, 132 virtually) for an 8-hour session on Git....

9/1/2013 at