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Horizontal Autoscaling with Kubernetes

Slides kubernetes
5/18/2023 at SDD London in London, England
Now that the app is running in Kubernetes, how do we scale it to meet demand?...

Minimal APIs with ASP.NET

5/18/2023 at SDD London in London, England
With ASP.NET 6.0, there’s a 4th coding paradigm joining MVC, WebAPI, and Razor Pages: Minimal APIs....

Level-up Your DevOps with GitHub Actions and Kubernetes

devops kubernetes
5/17/2023 at SDD London in London, England
Are you looking to rapidly deploy your content? Are Docker containers in your future? Come for this demo-only presentation where we start from scratch, live-code a Dockerfile, build up a DevOps pipeline in GitHub Actions, and deploy to Kubernetes....

Scaling the Testing Pyramid in TypeScript

Slides spa javascript testing spa
5/17/2023 at SDD London in London, England
Unit tests? Integration tests? Mocks? Stubs? Fakes? How does this apply to the web? Let’s look at all the ways you can test a web app and demo all the tools you’d use....

At The Helm of Kubernetes: Repeatable Infrastructure Creation for Mere Mortals

Slides docker kubernetes devops
5/16/2023 at Techorama in Antwerp, Belgium
As we get deeper into Kubernetes yaml files, we see a lot of duplication. Can we move to a higher level that eliminates this duplication?...

The Definitive Deep Dive into the .git Folder

5/16/2023 at Techorama in Antwerp, Belgium
What’s in the .git folder? How are commits stored? How do branches work? We’ll dive deep into the objects folder, unpack commits, look at the types of DAG nodes, examine object content, and build a complete visualization of the stored content....

Local Development Techniques with Kubernetes

kubernetes devops docker
5/11/2023 at SLC.NET in Salt Lake City, UT (virtual)
It’s day 2. The corporate k8s cluster is humming. Everything works perfectly in a local environment, but how do you connect the wires?...

Getting Started with Jupyter

5/9/2023 at Private event
Jupyter notebooks are a great way to move data, build runbooks-as-code, do data analysis, and interactively build applications....

Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Data Mesh, Oh My: The History of Data Storage

Slides data
4/28/2023 at GIDS Developer Summit in Bangalore, India
Are you looking to modernize your data infrastructure? Or are you confused at what all the terms mean?...

JavaScript Tests in Node, the Browser, and CI

javascript node testing
4/28/2023 at GIDS Developer Summit in Bangalore, India
Good software practices don’t end just because you’re building a thick client in the browser. The JavaScript community is a flourishing boutique of high-quality tools and techniques....