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Service Mess to Service Mesh

Slides kubernetes security
12/8/2021 at apidays Paris in Paris, France (virtual
In our quest to secure all the things, do we jump in too quickly? We’ll use Istio and Linkerd as example service meshes, and look at the features we would expect from a service mesh....

Database DevOps with Containers

Slides devops docker
12/7/2021 at DevIntersection in Las Vegas, NV
Unlike CI/CD pipelines for applications, we can’t just delete the database and pop up a new one with each new version....

Container Scanning: Run Fast and Stay Safe

Slides docker security devops
12/2/2021 at Conf42: DevSecOps 2021
Have you struggled to get security baked into your DevOps process or have your security needs taken a back seat to “run fast and break things”?...

A Database DevOps Pipeline

Slides devops data
12/1/2021 at DevOpsCon Munich in Munich, Germany (virtual)
Are your automation practices accounting for the database? How do you verify database software quality? Most importantly, how do you care for customer data as the schema evolves?...

JavaScript Tests in Node, the Browser, and CI

javascript node testing
12/1/2021 at JS Conf Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico (virtual)
Good software practices don’t end just because you’re building a thick client in the browser. The JavaScript community is a flourishing boutique of high-quality tools and techniques....

Making Kubernetes How We Build Things

kubernetes devops docker
11/30/2021 at DevOpsCon Munich in Munich, Germany (virtual)
It’s day 2. The corporate k8s cluster is humming. Everything works perfectly in a local environment, but how do you connect the wires?...

Level-up Your DevOps with GitHub Actions and Kubernetes

devops kubernetes
11/27/2021 at .NET Conf 2021 in Pakistan (virtual)
Are you looking to rapidly deploy your content? Are Docker containers in your future? Come for this demo-only presentation where we start from scratch, live-code a Dockerfile, build up a DevOps pipeline in GitHub Actions, and deploy to Kubernetes....

The Definitive Deep Dive into the .git Folder

11/26/2021 at Git Commit Show
What’s in the .git folder? How are commits stored? How do branches work? We’ll dive deep into the objects folder, unpack commits, look at the types of DAG nodes, examine object content, and build a complete visualization of the stored content....

JavaScript the Grumpy Parts

Slides javascript
11/25/2021 at WeAreDevelopers JavaScript Congress
We love JavaScript, but we must admit: it’s weird. Why does this behave as it does?...

Minimal APIs with ASP.NET

11/25/2021 at Toronto .NET Meetup in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (virtual)
With ASP.NET 6.0, there’s a 4th coding paradigm joining MVC, WebAPI, and Razor Pages: Minimal APIs....