How to Give Everyone Access to Your Data and Still Keep It Safe

1/20/2022 at Cyral Webinar

As companies become data-driven, they need to make their data accessible to developers, DevOps teams and data engineers to facilitate better applications, compress release cycles and improve productivity. However, managing access to databases is, arguably, still stuck in the stone age. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to integrate with tools like Okta, Auth0 and AD and teams end up with insecure shared credentials or clunky PAM agents and jump hosts. How do we secure various databases developers need without hampering productivity? Can we use just-in-time access grants for databases in the same way we do for other services? In this session we’ll look at: The database and data lake access management challenge Granting just-in-time and just-enough access to data via ChatOps Maintaining an audit log of access approvals and all data activity