Git Tips & Tricsk I Wish I Had Known Sooner

9/22/2021 at GitKon

Created in 2005 by Linus Torvalds, Git was designed to maintain the development of the Linux Kernel. Git was built upon the pillars of full distribution, speed, simple design, ability to handle large projects, and strong support for non-linear development. If we look at the history of Git, we can see it has become the preferred version control system for many developers around the world. Each of the below Git tips comes from one of the industry proven Git experts that participated on the 2021 GitKon Git conference panel: “ Git Tips I Wish I Had Known Sooner.” Panelists included Sean Dietrich of Kanopi Studios, PHP consultant Carl Alexander, Rob Richardson of Cyral, Nick Hodges of LinearB, and Meriem Zaid from Enova.