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Extending ASP.NET MVC

It is my pleasure to speak tonight at the SEVDNUG about extending ASP.NET MVC.  This talk grew out of an impromptu talk I gave at Desert Code Camp 2011.2.  The speaker didn’t show for a class titled “Real world MVC”, so I took it and ran with it.

In this talk we’ll look at some common and some less-common extension points for ASP.NET MVC:
  • Routes
  • Route Constraint
  • Html Helper
  • Action Filter
  • Value Provider
  • Action Result
  • Model Metadata Provider
  • Dependency Resolver
The goal is to keep your code DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself), and many of these tools make it much easier to centralize cross-cutting concerns.

Grab the code and slides we’ll work with from here.

Desert Code Camp 2011.2

Desert Code Camp is always such a pleasure, and I’m pleased to be able to speak twice this time.  I’m teaching two topics: Backbone and Qunit. Backbone is an MVC framework for JavaScript.  Much like you wouldn’t stick your entire program in a click even handler, why would you stick all your client-side code in a jQuery click event handler?  Backbone gives you the structure to create well architected client-side code.  Backbone is also light enough and modular enough and not opinionated enough to get you quickly to an on-ramp.  Download the slides and sample code we’ll play with here. Qunit is the JavaScript unit test framework used by the jQuery team to test jQuery.  It is a great red/green test harness for doing very elegant testing of client-side business logic.  Download the slides and sample code we’ll play with here. If you enjoyed this talk, leave me a comment.  If you didn’t like it, tell me how I can do better. Rob