Intro to CSS at Desert Code Camp

Desert Code Camp was October 28, 2006. It rocked! Among other things, I taught ‘Beginning CSS’. In hind-sight, I wish I had taught the ‘Advanced CSS’ class too. The class went very well, and many said they learned a lot.

For those of you who missed it, it was a great adventure. The main thesis of the presentation was you can get into CSS at any level you’d like, exploit it’s strengths, and leave the rest. Hopefully, once you’ve got a feel for it, and it becomes a valuable tool, you’ll see more value in incorporating more.

Download the slides and code we created (yes, still has the ugly purple background and green outline) here.

Didn’t get to see the presentation? I’m leading a much more in-depth discussion on CSS – from novice to expert – at the December Arizona .NET Users Group. Check it out on December’s calendar here (when it gets posted).