Leaving Shared Database Accounts Behind: Securing Snowflake and MongoDB

by Rob Richardson, Developer Advocate, Cyral

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Data Store

Get access to data store

Data Access

Managing who,

Ensuring it's safe

The difference:

Who accessed your data?

Who accessed your data?

Who accessed your data?

In most cases we don't know ...

... because of shared accounts.

User-specific accounts

User-specific accounts

Shared team accounts

Shared team accounts

Service accounts

Service accounts

Data Access Governance

Is there no way to get identity enriched access logs without a mountain of issues?

Application Access Governance

Why SSO with Apps Works

Why can't we
SSO with Data Stores?

The Goal

Cyral Network Diagram


Securing access to MongoDB and Snowflake

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Cyral enables

  • federated access control
  • consistent visibility
  • unified policies
  • real-time attack detection and response